BaySand technology and products provide the best solution available in today’s market for a customer to go from FPGA to ASICs quickly, effortlessly, and economically. Engineers will be able to develop high performance, low power devices, at a very low cost, in just a few weeks using BaySand’s innovative technology.

BaySand is the engineers “dream come true” for an easy way to innovate and produce new products. It is superior to Standard Cell in all areas, including designs for ASSP and ASIC. I think that BaySand’s technologies are far more interesting and innovative than FPGAs, ASICs and Standard Cell devices. I highly recommend that design engineers give BaySand a look and see for themselves. The engineers, who use FPGAs or ASICs, must touch and feel the cutting edge of BaySand. I’m glad that I was introduced to BaySand Technology.


Kazuya Yamada

Senior Engineering Specialist
Professional Video Systems Dept.
Engineering Operation
Business Solution Division
JVCKENWOOD Corporation