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8 weeks to FPGA to ASIC sample delivery

Fastest Time-to-Market

for new FPGA to ASIC Conversion and future derivative designs
8 to 10 weeks for new FPGA to mcFPGA ES Sample Delivery!
Altera FPGA to BaySand mcFPGA (ASIC)
Seamless FPGA to ASIC Conversion
Drop-in Replacement for Altera/Xilinx FPGA
Package, Pin & Functional Compatible

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Unmatched TTM Volume Production Solution for Your Cost-Sensitive Design

mcFPGA-G65L delivers unparalleled unit cost advantage for volume production, and yet provides shortest TTM. Featuring the revolutionary Metal Configurable Standard Cell (MCSC) technology, the mcFPGA-G65L family of products deliver more than 2x in power savings and unit price.
mcFPGA-G65L family also provides package and pin compatibility with Altera or Xilinx FPGAs, meaning no board change required and seamless FPGA → mcFPGA migration.


Think mcFPGA-G65L : Your Best Choice for FPGA Replacement & Volume Production

You’ll discover the mcFPGA-G65L delivers breakthrough advantages over various Altera and Xilinx FPGA families. Leveraging benefits and proven transceiver and memory interface technology, mcFPGA-G65L family provides an unprecedented level of system bandwidth with complexity. Key benefits include:

  • Technology : GF 65nm LP
  • TTM : 7~ 10 Weeks (RTL to Engineering Sample)
  • Up to 21M Usable Gates (Std. Cell ASIC Gates)
  • Up to 1250 I/Os : All IO standards for (1.2v – 3.3v)
  • Up to 23Mbits MCSC Block RAMs (mcBRAM)
  • Up to 25 channels of Multi-Protocol Transceiver (6.5 Gbps)
  • Multi-Protocol PCS (Optimized per Protocol)
  • Up to 1066 Gbps DDR3 performance
  • 1.6 GHz PLL for multiple clock generations
  • Up to 1.6 Gbps LVDS performance
  • Unlimited & Flexible Clock Scheme
  • Seamless FPGA to mcFPGA migration with ease


mcFPGA-G65L Foundation Technology Features

  • MCSC Core (mcCORE) :
    • 12-grid MCSC standard cells
    • Low Power Design – Power Gating, Island supported
    • 500+ cells with multiple drives and functions
    • Multi-Vt Support for performance/power optimization
  • MCSC Memory:
    • M9Kb Block RAMs supporting single port (SP), simple dual port (SDP) and true dual port (TDP)
    • Register File for small or wide memories (FPGA Distributed RAM equivalent)
    • Functionality and feature are super-set of both Altera and Xilinx Memories
  • MCSC IO (mcMPIO)
    • MPIO => Multi-Standard I/Os (1.5v – 3.3v) : supports all I/O standards
    • Supported IO standards:
      • low speed LVCMOS, LVTTL 1.5V to 3.3V
      • Memory interface SSTL 1.5V to 2.5V, HSTL 1.5V to 1.8V
      • Differential I/O LVDS 2.5V
      • On-chips termination (static and dynamic)
    • 1.6GHz PLL
    • 6 Different Outputs per PLL with different frequency & phase
    • Supports spread spectrum input clock and PLL re-configuration
  • MCSC Transceiver
    • 6.5Gbps Multi-Protocol support
    • Synthesizable and optimizable PCS per desired protocol
    • Flexible placement and assignment
    • LVDS PHY supports serializer/deserializer (SERDES), dynamic phase alignment (DPA), and soft-CDR circuitry
    • DDR phy supports read/write leveling, on chip termination and calibration, half/quarter rate
  • Full Package Compatibility for FPGAs

Device Family Table

mcFPGA-G65L : Your Best Choice for FPGA Replacement & Production

The mcFPGA-65L family include two device variants:

  • mcFGPA-G65L devices without transceivers : Upto 21 Million Standard-Cell ASIC usable gates and 23M bits of metal configurable Block Rams(mcBRAMs)
  • mcFPGA-65LS devices with 6.5Gbps transceivers : Upto 15 Million Standard-Cell ASIC usable gates and 20 full-duplex clock data recovery (CDR)-based transceivers at up to 6.5Gbps

Find your mcFPGA device mapping for your current FPGAs>>

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Device Usable Gate (M) M9K Memory (K) PLL IO Tran CH
mcFG65L-10 2.0 216 1,991 6 362
mcFG65L-20 4.0 486 4,479 8 556
mcFG65L-30 6.0 1,098 10,119 12 779
mcFG65L-40 16.0 2,080 19,169 12 1,110
mcFG65L-50 21.0 2,560 23,593 20 1,218
mcFG65L-60 21.0 4,480 41,288 28 1,250
mcFG65L-10S  4.0 496 4,571 6 490 10
mcFG65L-20S 7.0 936 8,626 8 610 15
mcFG65L-30S 15.0 1,640 15,114 10 744 20
mcFG65L-40S 20.0 2,000 18,000 12 850 25
  1. Actual usable ASIC gates
  2. 6.5 Gbps Multi-Protocol Transceiver