Blockchain Directed Products & Services for Crypto Currency Mining & Cybersecurity

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BaySand provides a family of Blockchain directed products and services for crypto currency mining and cybersecurity.

Crypto Currency Products and Services

Bitcoin Mining ASICs, Broad Products & Rigs

BaySand has developed the industry’s highest performance, cost effective low power Bitcoin mining ASIC.
Products include:

  • Bitcoin mining ASICs

  • Bitcoin mining board products

  • Bitcoin mining rigs

Bitcoin ASIC, board and mining rig solutions are offered in multiple cost, power and performance implementations. Contact BaySand for detailed specifications, pricing and availability.

ETH Mining Rigs

BaySand, working with its partners, has developed ETH mining solutions with higher performance and lower power than traditional GPU based solutions while maintaining the flexibility adapt to changes in the ETH mining algorithms designed to negate the viability of traditional ETH ASIC mining solutions.
Our solution is also able to adapt to the mining of an extensive list of Altcoins.
Products include:

  • ETH mining rigs

Contact BaySand for detailed specifications, pricing and availability.

Bitcoin & ETH Crypto Currency Mining Services

BaySand offers both Bitcoin and ETH crypto currency mining services through its Bitcoin and ETH mining facilities.

Cybersecurity Services

BaySand, working with its partners, provides extensive blockchain based end-to-end cybersecurity protection capability and solutions. These encompass the technologies and capabilities to address the requirements of:

Secure Infrastructure

  • Services (power generation and distribution, water, etc.)

  • Communications (cellular, radio, broadcast, backbone, etc.)

  • Transportation (airports, rail, ports)

  • Other


  • Banking

  • Mission critical operations (supply line, distribution, etc.)

  • Corporate assets (IP, customer data, etc.)

  • Other



Contact BaySand for details of potential engagement of services