Blockchain Solutions and Services

BaySand provides a family of Blockchain directed products and services for crypto currency mining and cybersecurity.

Crypto Currency Products & Services

  • Industry’s highest performance, cost effective low power Bitcoin mining ASIC. Products include: Mining ASICs, Mining Board Products & Mining Rigs.
  • ETH mining rigs with higher performance and lower power than traditional GPU based solutions, yet maintaining the flexibility to adapt extensive list of Altcoin.
  • Bitcoin and ETH crypto currency mining services.

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Cybersecurity Services

Blockchain based extensive end-to-end cybersecurity protection for assets protection, secured infrastructure and mission critical operations.

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ASIC Design Solutions and Services

BaySand offers a wide variety of design solutions to meet your ASIC design requirements. Solution options include:

MCSC Custom Application Platform

Design services to implement your custom product design’s RTL in BaySand’s MCSC IP with optional inclusion of your proprietary IP.

MCSC Custom Application Platform delivers an optimal product with all the benefits of BaySand’s technology plus the flexibility for quick turn product derivatives and customer specific optimizations from an MCSC based design.

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MCSC ASIC Solutions

BaySand predesigned platforms to implement your product design with metal only processing layers. These platforms provide the fastest time to market with minimum development cost.

BaySand provides these platforms for ASICs and FPGA replacement. The FPGA replacement platforms are capability compatible with popular Intel FPGA (Altera) and Xilinx FPGAs with significantly lower power, cost and higher performance.

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Full ASIC Program

BaySand’s ASIC program provides a robust portfolio of technologies spanning multiple fabs and a wide range of nodes down to 16nm and 7nm.

Combined with our experienced engineering team, BaySand provides RTL to working packaged chips at aggressive pricing and turnaround time. Instead of traditionally GDS netlist to foundry, our customers may only provide RTL, and we will do the rest of the work.

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ARM DesignStart

Design and commercialize your custom SoC with industry-leading Arm IP and BaySand services – instant access to evaluate, no upfront license fee to commercialize.

Evaluate Arm IP and commercialize a custom SoC with our comprehensive solution of industry-proven Cortex-M processors, subsystems, system IP and Artisan physical IP – all for a $0 upfront license fee.

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MCSC Foundation Technology, IPs and System IP Blocks Licensing

Licensable MCSC process node specific IP and System IP blocks across a range of process technology nodes and foundries. Gives your design team maximum product development control while achieving all the benefits of BaySand’s MCSC technology.

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Our family of metal configurable technologies, including cell libraries, I/Os, memory, PLLs, PHYs and transceivers, serve as the foundation for complete metal configurable product designs. Our extensive family of metal configurable functional IP blocks, available across a range of process technologies from high performance to low power and 7 to 90nm at leading foundries, will greatly support and cover your technology and design requirements.

Any and all of the MCSC solution options we offer, assures you the benefits of our metal configurable technology no matter what design options you choose.

With this range of solutions, we provide you the options to deliver your ASIC with the time to market, cost and flexibility needed to meet your product and market requirements.