BaySand enhanced MetalCopy Program to Support 14nm FPGA Transition to ASIC

BaySand is enabling 14nm and 16nm FPGA designers to efficiently convert FPGA designs to ASIC solutions. Following the new MetalCopy capabilities, companies can choose to migrate to high production volumes in short time and low risk. The MetalCopy-14 product line is based on the BaySand FG40L [...]

BaySand Expands its Global Sales Channel Organization to Support ASIC Designers in Europe, Israel and India

BaySand expands its global sales channel organization by adding reps in Germany, India and Israel to promote BaySand’s Metal Configurable Standard Cell (MCSC) technology and its newly introduced products and services ASIC UltraShuttle program, Metal Copy-28 (MC-28) and fcDSP technology. The MCSC provides a robust ASIC [...]

BaySand Solutions

FPGA to ASIC Conversion


Seamless FPGA to ASIC Conversion, 5X better performance, 10X lower power

ASIC Multi Project Wafer (MPW)

ASIC UltraShuttle Multi Project Wafer (MPW)

RTL tapeout to working packaged chips Multi Project Wafer (MPW) program. Fully tested and deliver in 8 weeks!

ASIC Solution


Low cost ASIC, low risk, fast TTM/TTV yet optimum power & performance ASIC solution



Reusable custom application platform with optimum power & area with fast TTM/TTV