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SecureRF and BaySand Collaborate to Provide Quantum-resistant Security for ASIC-powered IoT Devices

February 27th, 2017|

SecureRF and BaySand announced they have joined forces to provide fast, quantum-resistant authentication and data protection solutions for low-resource IoT devices. Through this partnership, companies can quickly, effortlessly and economically develop high performance, energy-efficient devices using ASICs that deliver strong security. Unlike with many current security methods, there is no need [...]

BaySand Solutions

FPGA to ASIC Conversion


Seamless FPGA to ASIC Conversion, 5X better performance, 10X lower power

ASIC Multi Project Wafer (MPW)

ASIC UltraShuttle Multi Project Wafer (MPW)

RTL tapeout to working packaged chips Multi Project Wafer (MPW) program. Fully tested and deliver in 8 weeks!

ASIC Solution


Low cost ASIC, low risk, fast TTM/TTV yet optimum power & performance ASIC solution



Reusable custom application platform with optimum power & area with fast TTM/TTV

mcFPGA-T28C for Altera/Xilinx FPGA to 28nm ASIC Conversion
Advanced 28nm mcFPGA
for Stratix V/Virtex UltraScale and more
to 28nm ASIC conversion
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mcFPGA-G40L for Altera/Xilinx FPGA to 40nm ASIC Conversion
Advanced 40nm mcFPGA
for Stratix V/Arria V/Virtex 7/Kintex 7 and more
to 40nm ASIC conversion
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mcFPGA-G65L for Altera/Xilinx FPGA to 65nm ASIC Conversion
Cost-efficient 65nm mcFPGA
for Stratix V/Stratix IV/Arria II/Virtex 6 and more
to 65nm ASIC conversion
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