BaySand, Codasip, Codeplay and UltraSoC accelerate IoT development with “silicon-to-intelligence” RISC-V platform

BaySand, Codasip, Codeplay and UltraSoC today announced an integrated IoT development platform based on the RISC-V [...]

Codasip and BaySand Partnership Make RISC-V Based ASICs an Ideal Choice for IoT Designs

Codasip and BaySand announced collaboration to make the Codix-Br series or RISC-V compliant processor cores [...]

BaySand Solutions

FPGA to ASIC Conversion ASIC Multi Project Wafer (MPW)
mcFPGA ASIC UltraShuttle
Seamless FPGA to ASIC Conversion, 5X better performance, 10X lower power RTL tapeout to working packaged chips Multi Project Wafer (MPW) program. Fully tested and deliver in 8 weeks!
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ASIC Solution SoC & ASSP
Low cost ASIC, low risk, fast TTM/TTV yet optimum power & performance ASIC solution Reusable custom application platform with optimum power & area with fast TTM/TTV
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